United Building Maintenance Corporation is the leading provider of janitorial services in New York City

Green Cleaning

United fully complies with all green cleaning initiatives requested and required by customers. United's experienced staff can tailor purchasing requirements to include eco-friendly alternatives and green seal certified products.

Save Time and Energy

United offers a structured work schedule aimed toward advancing conservation in all aspects of operating properties serviced. For example, United converted a nightly general cleaning schedule to an afternoon general cleaning schedule, which resulted in increased cost and energy savings.

Award Winning Programs

United has successfully implemented customized green cleaning programs for many of its customers. United's Green Cleaning Plan, incorporates environmentally safe green cleaning chemicals and techniques that are less harmful to customers, employees and buildings. As a direct result of United's planning and operational efforts our clients have been awarded LEED gold ratings.

*LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

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Did you know?

Green Seal certified products undergo a life-cycle approach, which means evaluating a product or service beginning with material extraction, continuing with manufacturing and use, and ending with recycling and disposal. Products only become Green Seal certified after rigorous testing and evaluation, including on-site plant visits.

Green Seal Certification ensures that a product meets rigorous, scientific environmental leadership standards. This gives manufacturers and purchasers confidence that certified products are better for human health and the environment.