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United develops and adheres to a light maintenance schedule for each location. As part of the program, United will examine the facility to establish a group lighting and maintenance plan. This strategic lighting plan eases the burden of light maintenance, by making it a predictable task, reducing costs, improving lighting and conserving energy.

This strategic plan ensures that lighting and ballasts will be replaced before a failure occurs. Further, by monitoring ballast failures in a facility, it is possible to predict value and maintenance savings that may be achieved.

Through careful consideration and selection of energy efficient light bulbs and ballasts, United has identified ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary energy use by providing customers with options to conserve energy and meet LEED standards. This means, customers will benefit by lower electric bills and improved light quality.

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Did you know?

Poor lighting has been associated with a variety of problems including low productivity, high human error rates, eye strain, headache, a reduction in mental alertness, general malaise, and low employee morale.

Poor lighting may also cause employees to assume awkward body postures, which may contribute to the development of cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome.