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Window Cleaning

United is qualified and experienced to perform all window cleaning requirements. From simple, basic work to complex service requiring lifts and scaffolding. United follows strict safety procedures and conforms to all City, State, and Federal codes and regulations.

A typical window cleaning program consists of the following elements:

  • Glass entrance — including revolving doors, interior glass, exterior glass
  • Glass restoration
  • Removal of tape, notices, etc.
  • Scraping off foreign materials
  • Wiping down mullions and sills
  • Documenting all etched glass
  • Cleaning windows with neutral cleaners
  • Wiping all metal and drip marks from ledges and mullions
  • Removing the accumulation of dirt, dust, grease and grime

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Did you know?

Laminated glass cuts noise and helps prevent the sun from fading furniture, rugs and other equipment. Argon-filled windows act as insulation and are often selected to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Professional window cleaning can prove to be a wise investment when safety and cost of equipment are considered. This is especially true if you have windows that need repair.