NYC Real Estate Deal Makers Conference

United Building Maintenance Associates is proud to sponsor YJP New York’s Bi-Annual Real Estate Deal Makers Conference. This year’s conference takes place on May 16th at 8:30am. Our own Shari Reimer will be serving as one of the distinguished moderators.

YJP’s Real Estate Network is a vibrant and robust sector comprised of trade experts and active developers who continue to shape monumental skylines across the globe. From Shanghai to Downtown Brooklyn, our speakers and mentors are renowned in the industry for their abilities to raise funds, identify high-producing investment opportunities, and find up and coming opportunities in the market.

The VIP Leadership Series FREDM Conference will bring together the top real estate deal makers, movers and shakers to cover everything from up-and-coming investment opportunities, marketing + branding, case studies, future market outlook, and identifying new avenues for collaboration. This event is exclusive to principals, developers, investors, and top industry brokers – the staples of our strong real estate network. With a by-invitation-only guest-list of 250+ top real estate professionals in the Tri-State area, the conference is sure to add value to all who wish to grow their portfolios.

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Shari Reimer - United Building Maintenance Associates
YJP New York