Janitorial Guidelines for Post COVID–19​ Return to the Workplace ​

Throughout the COVID – 19 Pandemic, United Building Maintenance has been disinfecting and sanitizing commercial properties, retail spaces and other public areas. During this process, we have discovered many things about the virus, its transmission, and how to properly respond to known cases following CDC guidelines.

The following guidelines are designed for Property Owners, Managers, and Tenants to engage with their Janitorial service provider, in order to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic and return to work.

Health and Safety of Janitorial Team

  • Implement Medical Screening Checklist​
  • Reporting of illness ​
  • Issue Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and train on proper usage.​
  • Rules for Maintaining Social Distancing while in transit to and at work. ​
  • Retrain existing and replacement staff on new COVID – 19 CDC approved cleaning protocols. ​
  • Install signage to reinforce safe work practices.​

Revise Standard Operating Procedures

  • Amend cleaning specifications to incorporate new office configurations and tenant schedules.​
  • Adjust staffing and scheduling to conform to new building constraints. ​
  • Train Staff on new SOP’s. ​
  • Educate staff on appropriate tenant engagement. ​
  • Develop and implement new standards for supplies, equipment, frequencies and PPE.  ​
  • Customize Inspection reports and increased quality control of daily reporting. ​
  • Set specific guidelines for reporting between client and service provider.

Labor Needs Assessment

  • Re–section existing labor to perform adjusted cleaning duties. ​
  • Enhance staff to accommodate additional cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, including elevators and public gathering spaces. ​
  • Consider adding Janitorial Ambassadors to assist in access and egress of the main building travel paths. ​

Financial Adjustments

  • Reforecast costings and budgets commensurate with the new standards.  ​
  • Negotiate with labor unions for new job classifications and wage rates specific to additional staff.

Methods and Technology

  • Review and adjust existing supplies, equipment and technology. ​
  • Introduce and implement new technology and equipment.  
Understanding the Touchless World

Building occupants are focused on maintaining proper hand hygiene and are turning to building managers.

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