Engineering Services

United’s Engineering Program is an accredited ISO9001 quality approved system. This accreditation is registered under the scope of Facilities Engineering, Maintenance and Installations, Commissioning, and Maintenance of Building Services. The accreditation and registration is sanctioned by the National Quality Association.

Our engineering program has helped our clients identify building operations that have the potential for greater efficiency. United has helped clients execute energy management goals resulting in substantial energy consumption, measured by reduced carbon footprint and energy costs.

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Experts In Facility Maintenance

United Building Maintenance Associates has over 27 years of experience delivering impeccable facility maintenance at very competitive rates. We take a pro-active approach to keeping our clients’ facilities in optimum working condition and appearance. With an eye toward the future, we are committed to innovation, supporting LEED certification requirements and sustainable practices. Allow us to manage the details of your property, so you can focus on asset management and building your business.


United provides safe, efficient, high-quality facility maintenance, allowing you to focus on your bottom line while we maintain the value of your property. We’d love to learn all about your unique needs, so be sure to get in touch today.